3 Truly “Free” Privacy Protection Resources

privacylostThe fact is…. we live in a post-privacy era!

Daily headlines around the world confirm our greatest fears about privacy being an “endangered species”.  As most folks who reside in cyber-space already know, privacy as we knew it is dead!

Data breaches including Anthem, Sony, Home Depot, Target, JP Morgan/Chase, Uber and the U.S. Defense Department, remind us that even those with virtually unlimited financial resources cannot contain this fire.

These breaches leak our vital information and place it into the hands of fraudsters around the globe. The risks are often referred to as “asymmetrical”, because our exposure is much greater than an anonymous thief’s chances of getting caught.

Open source software and NSA oversight have left privacy advocates gasping for air in search of our long lost right to God-given privacy. Even Adam and Eve had fig leaves and loin cloths, but because of the delicate balance between privacy and security, our modern back doors are open and the front doors are open too!

Here are 3 terrific free privacy protection resources which the unscrupulous “privacy peddlers” can’t charge for.

3 For Free

1. www.annualcreditreport.com This is the only federally mandated free credit report provider that isn’t secretly trying to sell you something. Trust them and use them to snag one free report every four months, providing year-round protection.
2. www.creditsesame.com These folks will not only give you a free credit score, they can help you navigate the monitoring and recovery process in the event you experience a personal data event. They even toss in identity theft insurance for free!
3. Federal Trade Commission, Identity Theft Clearinghouse- Immediate guidance for anyone who has experienced a data event and needs immediate no-cost advice. Call 1-877-IDTHEFT (1-877-438-4338)

Dale Penn is a professional speaker, privacy advocate and commercial insurance broker. He is the author of the award-winning book, Identity Theft Secrets: Exposing The Tricks Of The Trade. Join the conversation on Twitter @DalePenn

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